Sunday, May 4, 2014

Maryland Photographed Birds List

Among the many lists Warren keeps - it's an affliction, he knows - is a list of birds photographed within the borders of our fair state of Maryland.

That list stands at 240 species now, thanks to this Ovenbird seen on a recent Birdcouple walk at the American Chestnut Land Trust trails in Calvert County. Ovenbirds are easily heard in dense forest as they call out their Teacher!, Teacher!, TEACHER! song.  But they can be hard to spot for such loud little fellows. This one posed for his photo.

Wood Thrush wasn't on Warren's photo list until recently, which is crazy - we have them in our back woods every spring and summer. In fact, they arrived on Sunday, April 27 - a few days later than normal. They had us scared, but spring migration has been running a bit late this year, perhaps due to the long winter and cool spring.

Speaking of the Lovenest, we have a new hummingbird feeder, which seems to be doing the trick:

And also a new, uninvited house guest:

Who knew Carolina Wrens ate spiders????

The feeling of photographing birds, especially a new species:  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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