Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring migrants, and spring surprises

Pine Warbler

     Birdcouple gets a little bird crazy this time of year, when spring finally hits and the migrants arrive in wave after wave. So, as soon as Saturday morning struck, we headed down to one of our favorite mid-April birding spots, Flag Ponds Nature Park in Maryland's Calvert County. Flag Ponds park adjoins the Chesapeake Bay, but has a lot of woodland habitat, and so is a great stop-off point for warblers and other north-bound travelers.

    Ruby-Crowned Kinglets were also on the move.

    After the migrants, came a major surprise. Someone had gotten a bit lost. That someone was a Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, a denizen of Texas and Oklahoma, that a sharp, 12-year-old birder had found in our own Anne Arundel County at Fort Smallwood Park.


This may be the first record of this species in our home county, and was Warren's 258th species for the county. More importantly, it was buddy Dan Haas' 300th!!!

This picture didn't turn out so great, but it gives you some idea of what this bird's amazing tail looks like in flight.


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