Friday, April 18, 2014

Postcard from Afghanistan, Part 3

As we have posted before here and here, dear friend and super-birder Peter Kaestner is in Afghanistan these days. He is of course already the top birder in that country, according to eBird's standings, with 164 species at last count.

Peter has seen a great variety of ducks, raptors, owls, finches, sparrows and other birdies. From time to time, he shares shots of what he's seen. And we, of course, have been tardy in posting them.

So here goes.

This a stunning Eurasian Eagle Owl, with crazy cool eyes:

And a tree full of  Wagtails. (We'd settle for one Wagtail in a tree here in Annapolis):

A Green-Winged Teal (looks like the Common Teal subspecies from Eurasia to us):

A pair of Ferruginous Ducks:

And finally some Northern Pintails. Who knew this common waterfowl from North America is also present in Afghanistan?: 

Keep 'em coming, Peter!

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