Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paul Baicich - a well-deserved award

Paul Baicich was the winner of the 2014 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards in the Communication Category, awards that are given by Duck Unlimited.

As the citation says:

Baicich has been an active birder since his early teens in New York City. A former employee of the American Birding Association, he edited 14 of their ABA Birdfinding Guides, as well as their bi-monthly magazine, and served as Director of Conservation and Public Policy. Today, Baicich directs the on-line Great Birding Projects and co-edits the popular monthly Birding Community E-bulletin. He writes regularly for birding magazines, including Bird Watcher's Digest. He has also been instrumental in starting and running Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp-a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion, preservation, sales, and better understanding of the Duck Stamp.
We would add that Paul is a great friend, ace birder and one of this generation's great conservationists. We wish every birder did just 10 percent of the conservation work that he undertakes, with little thought of recompense.
Kudos, and thanks, Paul.
Here are links to Paul's Great Birding Projects site, and the Birding Community E-Bulletin.

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Dave said...

Way to go Pablo! And you're right, he's a great guy...with a wicked sense of humor as well!