Friday, March 7, 2014

A Birder's Guide to EVERYTHING!

We're excited about the release of a new birding movie, @[461182730565789:274:A Birder's Guide to Everything]. It's a touching story that explores broad themes of growing up and growing wiser, while following four young actors and Sir Ben Kingsley on the trail of a possibly extinct species. The Cornell Lab helped advise on some birding details and contributed authentic sounds from our @[438725175423:274:Macaulay Library]. It has gotten warm receptions at the Tribeca Film Festival and from National Public Radio—and it'll be available online starting March 11 and in select theaters March 21. For more info:

A new movie about birding!... she said jumping up and down with excitement!   Cute Husband and I have run into so many new young birders who got turned onto birds from the movie The Big Year, so it really is exciting to know another movie is coming out that highlights our quirky obsession to count birds.  

Plus, it has Sir Ben Kingsley in it, so you know it will rock!    And, first kisses and all that great young love sort of loveliness.

Here's the story:

 In theaters March 21st, A Birder's Guide to Everything follows the story of David Portnoy, a 15-year-old birding fanatic. He thinks that he's made the discovery of a lifetime, so, on the eve of his father's remarriage, he escapes on an epic road trip with his best friends to solidify their place in birding history. The film stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Alex Wolff, Ben Kingsley, Katie Chang and more!

March 21, date night? 

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Larry said...

I watched it on Itunes. It reminded me of an episode of that show Freaks and Geeks with birders in as the main characters.-not bad.