Tuesday, January 7, 2014

750 Species...

Is a lot of birds.  Especially if you see all 750 species in one year and you break the big birding year record!

Neil Hayward did it in 2013 while searching in 28 states and 7 Canadian provinces, flying 193,758 miles on 177 flights in 56 airports and driving 51,758 miles.  He also logged 15 days on pelagics. 

You can learn more about Neil and some other birders who celebrated birds in different ways in this USA Today article

Cute Husband and I have definitely noticed an increase in the birding tribe over the last year.   Mostly younger folks who became engaged through the movie The Big Year.  Now we are meeting new birders at a rare bird and find them logging onto Ebird to compete with old time Maryland birders or talking to Cute Husband about his strategy for his Maryland big year.   It is thrilling to feel their excitement and enthusiasm for a past time that Warren and I love so much. 

"Once you're keyed in, you're always birding.  You don't GO birding, you ARE birding all the time"

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