Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life list

Birders keep lists for all sorts of reasons. Some of it is competition, to be sure, as in - I'm #1 in bird species in Maryland this year, or I've photographed more species of birds in Tuvalu than anyone!!!

But there are other, more altruistic reasons, as well. Bird records help us keep track of when migratory species arrive and leave each year, and whether that is changing, and to record shifts in bird populations. They also make sure rare birds are properly noted and verified.

Finally, bird records serve as memories. Warren recently had the pleasure of shifting the bulk of his records from a program named AviSys (which he still uses for specialty records, like our Appalachian Trail bird list) to eBird. Birdcouple was able to relive past birding trips to the Florida Keys, Namibia, India, Arizona and elsewhere.

The bottom line? Warren has seen 1,056 of the world's approximately 10,000 bird species, with records of at least one bird in more than 30 countries. Lovely Lisa is not far behind, with about 900 species.

Photo by Glen Tepke
Warren's 1000th bird was a Gray-lined Hawk, soaring over the Parque Natural Metropolitano in Panama City, Panama. What a great Millennium Bird.!!
That's all for now. Gotta go find more birds....

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Julie G. said...

That's a lot of birds! What a joy it must be for you both to travel abroad and see birds not commonly seen in the United States. Before I became a birder and kept track of a life list, I visited Namibia, Uganda, Antarctica and several other countries. One day I will have to take a look back at my photographs and attempt to identify the beautiful birds I saw. I hope 2014 brings you both many more life birds!

Also, a very gracious thank you for the kind remarks you left on my recent blog post. Much appreciated!