Thursday, October 17, 2013

Great Birding Projects

   Birdcouple has been remiss in not giving a shout out to Paul Baicich's new birding initiative and website, Great Birding Projects.
   Paul, one of our mentors, is always thinking outside the box on how to make birding about more than IDs, lists and ticks. Whether it be carbon offset birding, bird friendly coffee, the problem of diversity in the birding community, he pushes for a holistic view of birding and conservation.
  So, check out his site and sign up for his very useful and instructive e-mail newsletter. We love it.
  Paul writes: 
"New birding" must involve engaged bird education to reach not only the young but also adults as well as communities of diversity. Going beyond old birding means engaging new approaches to avitourism, creative conservation reaching diverse audiences, enriching the birding festival experience, and making bird education an integral part of the new birding. Birding will also have to respond to times of economic stress, climate change, shifting American demographics, and limited access.
BC couldn't agree more.

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