Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Ebird function we've all been waiting for!!!!!

Hotspot happiness. eBird has just released a new function that allows you to remotely visit your favorite birding hotspots - or a new one you want to check out - and see all the species that have been seen there recently. Or this year. Or in prior years. 

It also shows you when a given species was last seen at the site; the top birders for each hotspot, and who among your birding friends has been visiting recently.

Here's a link with more info..

And here's an example of how it works, using the Cape May, NJ, Hawk Watch platform as an example:

Birdcouple is going to be using this a lot, as is, we expect the entire eBirding community.

We love Hotspots. Like Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge:

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