Saturday, August 10, 2013

In the garden...

Birdcouple has done a few low-key birding trips lately, to some our favorite local hangouts like Jug Bay Natural Wetlands Area, Pickering Creek Audubon Center and Swan Creek. It's been a bit slow, but shorebird migration is slowly kicking into gear, to be followed by passerine migration.

And of course another major bird event, the Baltimore RAVENS home opener.

But we digress. We have also had a lot of fun exploring our garden - Lisa's garden, we should say, as Warren only mows the grass - a little more closely than ever, as we build our Lovenest biodiversity list.

Today, Warren found this spider hanging out by the front door. (It is spider season out there!). It's fairly common - a Black-and-Yellow Garden Spider - but we had never noticed one in the garden before.

Meanwhile, Lisa's plantings, in this case Joe Pye Weed, seem to have attracted half the butterflies in Anne Arundel County. Look closely below- there are 10, 12 or more Tiger Swallowtails in the picture.  We only recently learned that the dark one is not a separate species, but the female Swallowtail.

(Sorry for the lame BlackBerry-taken photos).

A weekend with time to discover the garden. Bliss!

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