Monday, July 29, 2013

Duck stamp: nice boost from the Cornell Lab, and a new PSA

Good stuff for all of us Duck Stamp lovers. and important reminders about how .. well, important! ... the stamp is to birders, conservationists and birder-conservationists like Birdcouple.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has done a really nice blog on "Eight Reasons to Love the New Migratory Bird Stamp." Among them:

_ $850 million for conservation and counting.

_ A79-year tradition of beautiful art.

_ A bargain at $15.

Check it out. There's also a really nice Google map with the nation's National Wildlife Refuges and the percentage of lands paid for with duck stamp funds.

... And, that image up there is a Public Service Announcement that is ran on the back insider cover of Bird Observer, the New England Birding Journal.

The word is spreading! Onward.....

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