Sunday, July 7, 2013

Breaking the summer birding doldrums

Lisa and I were just bemoaning how slow the birding gets in Maryland in June and July. Then we get word of a Painted Bunting in nearby Glenn Dale, Maryland. We were on it as soon as we could, and it didn't take long to find. This isn't the first Painted Bunting we have seen in Maryland - it's the 3rd or 4th, but it's the first in mid-summer and the first time we've ever heard one singing.

Boy, does that cure the summer birding blahs!!!!
Here are a few other random photos from what's been a hot, hot summer so far:
A Marsh Wren on Elliott Island Road in Dorchester County
Turtle (Red-Eared Slider?) at Fort Smallwood State Park
                                                  Unidentified dragonfly, Elliott Island Road
Cliff Swallows nesting at the Sykesville Bridge
Damselfly at Patapsco State Park

The Princess liked this sign by the Painted Bunting spot. She saw and started to boogie..

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