Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July everyone!!

We've created a new feature here on the Birdcouple blog, a running tally of all the living things we come across in our little 1.8 acres of paradise here in the Annapolis, Maryland area. That means birds, mammals, tress, butterflies and other insects and snakes and frogs, too.

It's modeled after the Maryland Biodiversity Project, which as of today has catalogued more than 10,500 Maryland species.

You can reach our biodiversity list by clicking on that button up there or right here. It's under construction, but we will steadily be adding species as we find and identify them. It's amazing how this exercise will make you take a second look at things. What kind of frog, firefly, beetle is that?

On a totally different subject, it looks like eBird was hacked today. They are working the issue, they say.

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