Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finally.... bees!

I sadly lost both my hives last summer and have been patiently (because that is how I am- ask Cute Husband!) waiting for my new hives to arrive. 

Well,  after continuous calls (some might call it harassment) to the bee guy and constant moaning that the LoveNest yard was practically an empty desolate wasteland which only hosted inferior insects....
My Girls are HERE!
This is Iona, the goddess of mystery.  Iona the Enchantress. Italian bees who were so calm when I put them in their new home, I almost climbed in with them.  One decided to join me today in my hood. Naturally, I only noticed after I was fully zipped up, but she just calmly walked around the edge of my face without stinging me. 
I tend to prefer a little aggression.  In my bees.  Goddess Hera, girls from Russia, will help out me out there.  They were up early and busy hours before Iona. 

Bees rock - plus you get to wear a costume!

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