Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birds of Panama, Part 2: Trogons

Violaceous Trogon
Some of the most beautiful birds we saw on our trip last month to Panama and the Canopy Tower ecolodge were tropical Trogons (Trogonidae), which are not only beautiful, color and fairly easy to identify, but have a lovely habit of staying still for quite a while even when people are near. Result: decent photos!
Hmm.. Tropical Trogons - sounds like a great name for a rock band. But we digress. Here are some more of the members of Trogonidae we saw in and around Panama's Canal Zone and Soberania National Park:

Black-Throated Trogon, Female

 Violaceous Trogon, Female

Slaty-Tailed Trogon
No, that's not a trogon. In case you were getting bored, we threw in a Red-Capped Manakin just for fun. This was the best pic Warren could get of the bird, which stayed deep in the vegetation off Pipeline Road.
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Larry said...

Gosh-I really need to travel to a place like that some day. it must be great to see totally different species from what's at home.