Monday, May 27, 2013

Nesting time, everybody!

It's been an odd spring this year. Migration started off very slowly, held up by cooler than normal temperatures and no doubt by winds blowing the "wrong" way as well. Then about the 10th of May, the dam burst and migrants flooded through in 12 days or so.

And, as we discovered when we went out today to the American Chestnut Land Trust in Calvert County, a magnificent patch of bottomland forest and wooded hillsides, the birds are already about their business - the business they flew all he way here for, the business of making little birdies.

We were fortunate enough to see that Red-Eyed Vireo up there fly right into her low-hanging nest.

At Piney Orchard Nature Preserve in our home Anne Arundel County, fellow birder Jared Fisher pointed us toward this Prothonatory Warbler, feeding her babes in a nest box.

Today was Memorial Day, and Summer is indeed upon us!


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