Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maryland Big Day 2013

Princess and Warren crisscrossed Maryland on Saturday in a zany, exhausting attempt to see 100 species in the state in one day, a barrier we never seem to be able to cross. Guess what? Birdcouple came close again - but "only" tagged 92 species.

It was marvelous fun day at some of our favorite places, including  Susquehanna State Park and Swan Harbor Farm in Harford County, and Terrapin Nature Park over on Kent Island.

Lisa's favorite bird was a Cerulean Warbler, that beautiful but threatened neotropical migrant, which gave us great looks, not, for a change, from the upper canopy of some distant tree.

Warren's favorite was this very cooperative Kentucky Warbler. Both species seen at Susquehanna State Park....


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