Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birds of Panama, Part 1

First off, happy International Migratory Bird Day! This weekend, we celebrate the majesty and sheer amazing-ness of avian migration. Birdcouple came back from Panama just in time to see and hear all sorts of neotropical migrants descend on our little section of the US East Coast - warblers, flycatchers, orioles, nighthawks.

But, we have to admit, part of out brains are still in the Central American rain forest/ So here we present Part 1 of some of the birds we saw, using the amazing Canopy Tower as our base (more about that in a later post).

Broad-Billed Motmot
Yellow-Rumped Cacique

Common Tody-Flycatcher
Lesser Nighthawk
Female Fasciated Antwrens fighting
Green Honeycreeper
Lesser Kiskadee
Purple Gallinule

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Rohrerbot said...

Awesome birds!!!! Absolutely love birding in Panama. Great place to see so many of them!!!