Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013!

Do something good for the planet tomorrow! It needs it...

Birdcouple had a VERY conservation-oriented weekend, mixed in with a bit of birding.

On Saturday, we, along with dear friend and guru Paul Baicich, participated in a workshop at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary on strategies for doing more to conserve the birds of Maryland and their habitat.

Lots of great groups were represented, including Ducks Unlimited, the American Bird Conservancy, Maryland/DC Audubon, the Maryland Ornithological Society, Lights Out Baltimore, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and others.

It was a great meeting, with good energy and lots of ideas about how to join many disparate efforts. Now time for action!

Of course, we squeezed in a bird walk to look for early migrants, like Ovenbird and Northern Parula.


On Sunday, we went with Papa Carl and Grammy Thora for a walk at the Scenic Rivers Land Trust property at Bacon Ridge. This amazing 1,600 acre property, north of Annapolis in the Crownsville area, is an important watershed for the entire city of Annapolis.

There is Princess, in her uber-sexy hat!!

We saw a beaver damn, a Garter Snake, all sorts of cool insects and larvae, were within a few feet of a singing Northern Parula, and had a fly-over Cooper's Hawk.

Most of all, it was good to see kids out of doors and getting into nature:


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