Monday, January 21, 2013

National Squirrel Appreciation Day!


WHAT?? National Squirrel Appreciation Day is today? That's what it says here.  I am supposed to appreciate these annoying little mammals that chew through my bird feeders and polish off expensive bird feed? Let me go get my B-B Gun and...
No, no, no, they are God's creatures, too. And it is kind of fun to watch them run up and down trees in spiral fashion, like colors on an old-fashioned barber's pole.
Squirrel Appreciation Day was founded in 2001 by Christy Hargrove, according to the Huffington Post story linked above. We are supposed to celebrate the day by appreciating and feeding our furry friends - note to self: put peanuts in peanut feeder. Squirrels like that - and by learning more about them.
I learned two things:
_ There are more than 300 squirrel species in the world.
_ They have the power to control the planet, since thier chewing, or so the story goes, twice shut down stock trading on the NASDAQ market and once cut power to thousands of Virginians.
And of course Maryland is home to the endangered and beautiful Delmarva Fox Squirrel.
At least for today, I will leave the B-B gun in the corner. They are kinda cute, after all...

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Anonymous said...

I also put my gun aside for the day!But I hunt, fish and trap...and nothing is better than a squirrel potpie! I would never kill something just for the fun of it! I teach outdoor education...classes on wild foods that are foraged from yard, garden and woods. I am a 62 year old women who is retired from teaching Home Economics.