Monday, December 31, 2012

2012... One of the Best for BC!

2012 was full of so many BirdCouple highs it is hard to even believe it all happened in one year!

First, many thanks to you that read us and follow us exploring birds, the AT and all things in the natural world!

Unfortunately, Cute Husband and I found little time to feed the BC blog in 2012, so we so appreciate YOU  looking  for updates.

The most time consuming wonderful part of 2012, was Warren's Maryland Big Year.  He smashed his goal of 300 in the state and as of this writing, he stands at #8 in the state with 316!  It was great fun exporing odd corners of our state, doing multiple pelagics and meeting up with fellow birding friends in cold fields, wet marshes and humid forests.  We both learned so much and believe we have become better birders over the last 12 month.  We also met new friends along the way!

I'm not really talking about his Black Headed Gull, but what a January treat he was!

Cute Husband took me to romantic places - landfills, waste water treatment plants and buggy swamps.   And, I loved every minute!  I was with the most important person in my life and although the trip to Chicago was more comfortable, we weren't really searching for birds....

We shared Atlantic Puffins in Maine and other lifers when we celebrated Warren's birthday on the coast. 

On the hiking side of 2012, we finished 900 miles of the AT and then proceeded to walk another 100, busting the 1,000 mile marker!

Sigh, an amazing year with goals met and tons of fun had!
Happy New Year!  Can't wait to see what 2013 brings...

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Unknown said...

Congratulations! ! I'm just getting into Birding. And I live in Maryland. .who knew our great state has so many beautiful birds...
Thanks for the inspiration! !
P.S. You are a cute couple! !