Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along? - The Different Birder Tribes

Courtesy of Michael Speicher, first posted to the Maryland Birding Google Group.

YES, for EVERY county and YES for every year for the last 30 years - you got a problem with that? Typically put over 300K miles on vehicles before trading them in, but only get a new car every other year.
When asked, "Hey, Jim is that one for your life list?" you are thinking, "I just like looking at the damn things and now you're telling me i got to keep records?"
FEEDER WATCHERS, squirrel intolerant
FEEDER WATCHERS, squirrel's gotta eat too
Those other flappy things are birds?
What's not to like? No need to strain your neck looking into the treetops. They're drab, looking the same in good light and bad, but they're ALWAYS popping into view JUST as you put your bins down. 
I got my cell phone and it's loaded with apps; i even got my TABLET with me and it's got even more apps...tell me why are we standing in this field? It's kind of damp here and...ZAAAAAAP!
If my camera hasn't seen the bird, i haven't seen the bird!
Likely the offspring of librarians: Hey everybody, can anyone help me to confirm that sighting from 30 years ago?
Tramp down obscure paths in W MD never quite sure what they have heard and can't see the birds for the forested tree-tops. Are most happy when they find warblers that were the product of confused parents.
and lately
All birds can be reduced to 4-letter words!
Is it any wonder there's going to be tension on the list from time to time? But the plain truth is we are all better off for the diversity, so let's agree to put up with each other and feel free to add to my categories. I'm sure i've only scratched the surface.

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Larry said...

I think I'd be a sampler birder like the one that takes a bite out of a chocolate and then puts it back in the box. A little bit of everything but not consistent with anything.