Monday, November 26, 2012

Birdcouple (the blog) is 6!!!

Birdcouple (the couple) is actually almost 11. Eleven fab years of Warren and Lisa. :) Our little baby here,, turned 6 on Sunday.

Here is our first, kinda lame post on November 25, 2006.

So what to do on our blogoversary? We spent the afternoon doing one of our favorite things - birding!!

This immature Rufous Hummingbird has been hanging out for two weeks at a feeder near Havre de Grace, Maryland. It gave us great looks, just minutes after we arrived. We've had lots of Rufous, Calliope and late Ruby-Throated Hummers in Maryland this fall.

This bird at Susquehanna State Park was even more of a shocker in some ways. One of the first November records for Black-and-White Warbler in Maryland.

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