Sunday, September 30, 2012

Duck Stamp: We have a 2013 winner!

This beautiful, touching painting of a Common Goldeneye by Robert Steiner of San Francisco was chosen yesterday as the winner of the 2012 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest, and will appear on the 2013-2014 duck stamp, which goes on sale next June.

Birdcouple LOVES this piece of art - the painting captures its subject perfectly - and obviously the judges did too.

More on the contest, the 2nd and 3rd place winners, and the duck stamp program is available right here on the Fish & Wildlife Service website right here.

Wait a MINUTE! Have you purchased your 2012-2013 duck stamp yet? Please do it, and preserve some habitat.

Tomorrow is Oct. 1. The ducks will be here soon...


Dawn Fine said...

Howdy Birdcouple! Love this duck stamp too!

Patrick B. said...

The level of detail an artist can convey with a brush and paint is astounding.