Sunday, August 19, 2012

White Ibis!

   Princess and I most often go chasing after good or rare birds spotted by others. Today was different. We were driving across Tanyard Marsh in Caroline County on Maryland's Eastern Shore when I spotted a large shorebird feeding on the other side of the road -- too large to be a Yellowlegs or a Dowitcher. We pulled over to the side, did a quick U-turn and got on the bird.

  As we approached, it has the "gizz" of an Ibis. On closer inspection, it was a White Ibis, a bird that is only seen half-dozen times at most in Maryland, usually this time of year. Better yet, it was the first-ever record of this species in Caroline County.

  Wahoo! Birdcouple rocks.

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Larry said...

Congratulations on that one-great find and the photo to go with it-perfect!