Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friends of Duck Stamp website debuts!

The Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp website has just debuted! Please check it out at

It's a great website, and important cause. Just look at the percentage of land in National Wildlife Refuges paid for by "duck stamp" dollars:

Sacremento in California        99.6%
Parker River in Massachusetts     99.3%
Bosque del Apache in New Mexico  99.2%
Pea Island in North Carolina   99.2%
Quivira in Kansas   99.1%
Muskatatuk in Indiana   98.9%
Horicon in Wisconsin   98.7%
Monomoy in Massachusetts   97.8%
Bombay Hook in Delaware   95.1%
Santa Ana in Texas   94.9%
DeSoto in Iowa and Nebraska   90.7%
Laguna Atascosa in Texas   87.5%
Anahuac in Texas   87.3%
Okefenokee in Georgia   86.2%
Ottawa in Ohio   86.0%
Edwin B. Forsythe (Brigantine) in New Jersey   84.6%
Blackwater in Maryland   76.6%

The 2012-2013 stamp (carryng that beautiful painting of a Wood Duck up there) goes on sale on June 29. 

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