Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We wish we could follow them...

This weekend found Cute Husband and me even more hungry than usual for birds.   All weather conditions pointed to a perfect migration fall out.  But first, we made a mad dash for a stray Anhinga that showed up in northern Anne Arundel County on Friday followed by a super educational Bird Club meeting on Horseshoe Crabs.

Bird Clubs rock!  IF you haven't joined your local club, you are really missing out on learning not only about local bird sightings, but also efforts to conserve some of your favorite birds along with ways you can help.

On Sunday, we made an early morning (ugh, but sooo worth it) to Susquehanna State Park.  Warblers were EVERYWHERE!   Canada, Cerulean, Blue Winged, Kentucky, Black and White, Prothonotary, Chestnut Sided, Hooded and  Redstarts.   Vireos joined the party with Warbling, White-eyed, Yellow-throated all representing.  Scarlet Tanagers sang as a hungry Rose-breasted Grosbeak worked the tree tops.


Almost made us forget how much fun our buddies are having in Ohio at the Biggest Week!

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