Monday, May 28, 2012

The climb to 300

Trying to find and identify 300 species of birds in Maryland in a year is a lot of fun work. It means getting up excruciatingly early, and taking looooooooooooong drives to the far corners of the state:

"Pipit" at Truitt's Landing around 615 am

And going for long walks in the woods, marsh, field and farm, and beach:

Northern section of Assateague Island State Park, Maryland

Warren went out Friday to Worcester County, home of Ocean City, Assateague Island and the seashore, to look for more birds. He missed Lisa!

The long hours are worth it when you get looks at beautiful nature:

Semipalmated Sandpiper

A closer look....

Seaside Sparrow

Warren trudged along the beach at Assateague Island State Park, looking for endangered Piping Plovers, which nest there. But first:


Ahem. Well, it is that time of year:

A crazy looking bird, that American Oystercatcher:
And then there it was!

Piping Plover

There was more than birds to be found out there, too:
13 hours, 88 bird species, and 8 new ones for 2012!
Ah, birding days go by too quickly:

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