Monday, April 16, 2012

Hope returns!

Readers may recall our post last fall about twp Wimbrels beinf tracked with satellite transmitters, who made the mistake of landing on the French Carribean island of Guadalope, where hunting shorebirds is legally and culturally accepted.

Well - here's some happier news - a Whimbrel aptly named "Hope," and being trackecd by researchers at the College of William and Mary, spent the winter on the island og St. Croix - protected territory since it is part of the US Virgin Islands.

Then, on April 1, she lifted off from the mangrove swamp where she had wintered, travelled 1,600 miles in 60 hours, and landed on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Wow!

Welcome back, Hope!!    

Soeaking of "hope," here's a picture of a Lark Sparrow that we recently saw on Maryland's Assateague Island - it took us three visits to finally get a look at this beauty!


Laurence Butler said...

Very Cool, and the Lark Sparrow has got to be one of the most beautiful emberizids

Kathie Brown said...

Lark sparrows are such beauties! Congrats!