Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birds and (much) more!

Copulating Copperheads? Further proof that Birdcouple never know what we will find when we're out for a day of birding. .... Our path took us right by these 2? 3? 4? snakes as we walked and birded at Governor Bridge Natural Area near Bowie, MD.

Since we bird and hike a lot, we have done a bit of research: Copperhead is one of two venomous snakes in Maryland, the other being Eastern Timber Rattler, mostly found up in the mountains to our west.

It was a wonderful spring morning with lots of new birds for our year lists: Ovenbird, Hooded Warbler, House Wren, four flavors of Vireo and much more!  Warren's Maryland year list is at 195.

After a nap, we ended a perfect day with dinner of nutritious, local, wholesome (and yummy) food from the great guys at Maryland Table.

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Kathie Brown said...

What a sight to see and what a big year list! Wow! Nice to hear that you are doing well and having fun!