Sunday, March 18, 2012

Early arrivals

This is a first-year Northern Gannet, which dropped into the ocean just 20 yards or so off our boat, the Morningstar, as we cruised the Atlantic Ocean off Maryland on Saturday looking for pelagic birds. It was an amazing trip, we had 7 Northern Fulmars, some quite near the boat, and an incredible 112 Manx Shearwaters, which blew the previous state record of 18 in a day away!!!!

Back on land, the record-high warm weather has brought still other records: the earliest recorded arrivals of many migrant songbirds, birds like Yellow-Throated Warbler and Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher that aren't supposed to be here for another 7 to 10 days.

Here are some more pix from our trip.

A Bonaparte's Gull:

One of three Lesser Black-Backed Gulls that shadowed the boat, after the chum we set out:

A pair of Razorbills:

An adult Gannet goes for a drink ... or a fish?

Herring Gull:

I love you, Sweet 'Tater


Laurence Butler said...

Very cool! Pelagic trips seem to be an art unto themselves. It seems kind of daunting to we desert dwellers, but also looks like a lot of fun.

Mpho Phiri said...

Lots of gulls, hey. It must have been awesome.
Thanx for sharing.

Larry said...

I like that Gannet.I've never seen one and never bothered to look one up. Interesting looking bird.