Saturday, February 25, 2012

Not to be Denied!

Doing a Big Year, which Birdcouple is doing, is a question of persistence, and luck, and strategizing, and honing bird skills, and ... well, persistence.

We went down to Jug Bay sanctuary today, despite the 35 mph winds, hoping for a peek at a certain bird that we have not yet seen this year, and which we think is one of the most handsomest birds around.

Well, we went to the beaver pond where it had been seen recently, and walked all around, waited, scoped out every tree, and waited some more. We even, truth be told, played its call on Princess' iPhone.

We were about to move on, when Warren saw a tiny patch of red against the late-winter brown of the tree trunks, and leaves, which he first mistook for a maple leaf or an optical illusion. Another look .. and there he (she?) was, a Red-Headed Woodpecker, hunkered down like us against the wind and almost hidden except for his (her?) cherry-red top.

Persistence. Worth it when there are head winds.

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Dawn Fine said...

Hey you two Lovebirds~Good luck on your Big Year!