Monday, February 13, 2012

The Kingbird that was not to be...

Yes, this is what a Western Kingbird looks like and it is a darn good bird for Maryland.  He also really enjoyed hanging out at a waste treatment plant.

Now, I always tease Cute Husband that he takes me to the most romantic places on earth.  Marshes, swamps, landfills and waster water treatment plants.  But, the Hulock Sewage Treatment plant ranked up there with the most visits... three in a three week period.... all in search of Mr. Western Kingbird.

We walked round and round the ponds of settling sewage.  On most of our attempts, the weather was mild, but on the last try the wind was whipping and creating small white caps of brown water, which seemed to have no ill effects on the thousands of Tundra Swans who used the ponds as a resting area. 

We dipped again and guessed that the bird had finally taken the last of the insects our mild winter was producing.  OK, you can't have it all.

That is until we ran into this gentleman who was searching for the Barnacle Goose with us.  He immediately said, "Oh, I recognize you two!  You were on the other side of the sewage ponds as I was looking at the Western Kingbird!"


We went pelagic-ing last weekend!   More to come on cold rough water birding...

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