Monday, February 20, 2012

First a Virgina's Warbler and then...

For a Virgina's Warbler to find its way to Maryland is quite a large deal.  He belongs here:

So, naturally, we had to go find him!  And, find him we did and it was also the start of quite a magical weekend.

The Virginia's Warbler choose a fine spot to land his lost self -  The Pickering Creek Audobon Center in Easton.  Proving that if you have a variety of habitats including mature hardwood forest, cropland, marsh, meadow, wetlands, and over a mile of shoreline on a tidal creek, you are going to attract some great birds.  

We had a wonderful time waiting for the skittish bird to make an appearance as we caught up with old and new birding buddies.     Then it was off for a secret adventure planned by Cute Husband to celebrate the day we met - 10 years later.

Naturally, he tortured me all day, but I did note we were headed South. 

After a full day of birding craziness in St. Mary's County, including another rarity - a Barrow's Goldeneye, we pulled up to Woodlawn.

Image of Woodlawn Historic Bed and Breakfast, Ridge

Woodlawn is a 180 acre historic estate with over a mile of waterfront, cropland and established woodland.  A birder's dream getaway.   We watched Red Breasted Mergansers on the creek as we enjoyed the breakfast part of an amazing weekend.   Woodlawn is also strategically placed within minutes of  Point Lookout, which we visited each day in search of White Winged Scoter.

Perhaps the best was getting enough snow keep us from birding the property in search of owls.  Next year - OK, Cute Hubby?

The perfect way to celebrate 10 years of birding and each other - thanks, Buddy!


Kathie Brown said...

Cute hubby leads to cute story! Happy anniversary! I'm glad you got your bird and your man!

Dave said...

Happy 10th!!