Sunday, January 8, 2012


Darling - you are my best friend and my favorite birding partner, bar none. Most spouses detest the other spouse doing a Big Year. Or grudgingly accept it. You, you are special. You're my biggest fan and advisor ... and boy are we having fun! Tearing it up - 94 species in the first 8 days of 2012!

We learned to tell a Ring-Billed Gull and a Black-Headed Gull apart. And ...

.... how to lure that BHGU in with some cornbread from the nearby grocery store.

We've been flying like mad in search of birds..

... and talking about them a lot.

You are really cute, too. In fact I think you're foxy!

I think we have a lot more adventure before we're done!


Kathie Brown said...

Wow! A BIG YEAR? Good Luck! I'm trying to do a Big January just in my own state and I am way behind where I want to be! I hope to go out searching tomorrow!

Larry said...

A Big year-cool! You really are tearing it up.I've got about 75 for January so far.

Dave said...

Oooo...a Big Year!
Good Luck!