Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have a few mintues?

Greater Sage-Grouse by Alan Wilson

How about taking them to help save the Greater Sage-Grouse?

Photo: Alan Wilson

The American Bird Conservancy has issued an alert regarding a conservation plan being devised for the Greater Sage-grouse.

BirdCouple is on it and you can help also!

The Greater Sage-Grouse, iconic bird of the western sagebrush, has suffered extensive population declines in recent decades, and continues to be impacted by oil and gas drilling, wind energy development, and livestock grazing across a vast region. Please give this a read and consider taking action in support of the Greater Sage-grouse and other bird species that depend on sagebrush habitat such as Sage Sparrow and Brewer's Sparrow.

We are talking about 50 million acres of public land.

50 million acres! 

Take a few minutes and submit a public comment about how those 50 million acres of public lands from Colorado to Oregon will be managed.

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