Monday, November 28, 2011

BirdCouple is 5 Years OLD!

Warren and I are so proud of our little blog child and are stunned that five years have passed since the creation.  BC has not only been a great learning and sharing experience, but it has also been a wonderful diary of adventures and new friends.

We met Peter Kaestner in 2006.

And went and visited him and his lovely family in India in 2009.

We met Paul Baicich in 2006 and he opened our minds to birding conservation.

In 2007, my Dad taught me everything he knew about beekeeping. 

In 2009, I said goodbye to him for the final time...

In 2007, David Sibley commented on the "mystery bird" that found his way to our feeder...

As the years went by, so did many cameras (and one computer) that proved themselves unworthy of BirdCouple magic.   We introduced BC to Twitter and Facebook.


Cute Husband and I celebrate each New Year's Day counting all the common birds as new "ticks" for the year and then we spend a weekend every February at the Ocean City Maryland Inlet... freezing and remembering the anniversary of the day we met.

Warren traveled to Iran Afghanistan , Indonesia and Iraq for journalist work and a little birding -as safety permitted.


Our boys grew up and became men...and gentlemen!

 We hiked 500+ miles on the Appalachian Trail, noting loads of birds as we walked.

We also took note of all the other cool things planet Earth has to offer...

We traveled to India, Namibia, Arizona, North Dakota, Florida, Oregon and Hawaii in search of birds and more birds....

And, sure we have our occasional love spats, but the best part of the last five years has been sharing and celebrating  it all with the love of my life, my best friend.


 Here's to another 5 + 45 years of pure fun and love! 


Unknown said...

Congratulations! 5 years is ancient in blogger years. I've been blogging for seven years, but only bird blogging for three. Time flies when we're having fun.

Larry said...

Nice little review of the past five years. Reading it made me realize how little I travel.Hope you make it another 5 years and beyond!

Dawn Fine said...

Congrats Dear Bird Couple..May you have many many more blogger years together.