Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall warblers...

.. can be confusing, as these migrating beauties lose their spring and summer garb, or young birds, just born a few months ago and making their journey south, show off a confusing array of finery.

   As you can tell from our last post, Lisa took me down to far Somerset County on my birthday last weekend to go birding and push my county "ticks" list over 2,300, or an average of 100 species seen in each of fair Maryland's 23 counties.

   The tree and the plumage of this bird made us think it was a Pine Warbler. But a closer look at the sharp bill, eye stripe and (not seen in this picture), streaking down the back led us to conclude it was actually a Blackpoll Warbler.

This is a female Pine Warbler. At least we're pretty sure. This is getting confusing!

No mistaking this one, even in the fall: Black-Throated Green Warbler. 

Palm Warblers largely disappear from our area around April, summering elsewhere and returning in Fall:

Here at last is a classic adult male Pine Warbler. We're sure. Well, pretty sure. Fall warblers. Geez.

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