Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carbon Offset Bird Project (COBP)

There is nothing I love more than jumping in the car with Cute Husband and setting off on some all day birding adventure.

An adventure which may take us to the hills of Western Maryland or perhaps creeping along farm lands on the Maryland Eastern shore or maybe scoping the bay in Northern Maryland.  

Or possibly, all three habitats in one day...

What I don't love about all day birding adventures is that while we are cruising about, innocently checking out birds, we are also burning fossil fuels—lots of them—that add to greenhouse gas emissions.

This year at the Midwest Birding Symposium, an experimental and voluntary Carbon Offset Bird Project will be launched giving attendees an opportunity to calculate the impact of their bird-related travel to and during the symposium.  (Hooray!)

Monetary values are suggested to offset emissions based upon mileage and vehicle type.  The donations collected will be used to secure additional wetland habitat adjacent to Meadowbrook Marsh, just east of Lakeside. (Yay!)

Not attending the Midwest Birding Symposium?  We can't go make it either...:(

Still think this is a genius idea that all birders should do voluntarily?  Still want to offset your birding-related carbon emissions from spring migration?  The funds would be used to secure quality bird habitat—in this case vital migratory bird habitat in Ohio.


 Download the form here, send it in with your donation and pass along this idea to other birders!

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Kelly said...

I'm definitely going to do this!