Saturday, July 23, 2011

(Past) time to get this year's Duck Stamp!

    Princess and I are headed off to Connecticut for our longest-ever hike on the Appalachian Trail, 66 miles in 6 days. To say we are beyond excited is an understatement! We'll also be starting a Connecticut bird list, since it's a state we've never birded before. Pretty unlikely we'll  see a White-Fronted Goose like those above in the Appalachian forests and mountains of Western Connecticut.

  July - and the entire summer - are passing too quickly. So we leave you for now with a reminder - nay, a plea! - to please go buy your annual Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (the "duck stamp") if you haven't already.

  Regular visitors have heard us say this before - it only costs $15, most of the money goes to buy land to provide bird habitat at those National Wildlife Refuges you love, and it's a free pass to NWRs.

  As Paul Baicich reminds us, there's an extra good reason to get the Duck Stamp this year: other conservation and environmental funds, including the Land and Water Conservation Fund, are at severe risk in the ongoing federal budget deliberations. That makes that little stamp up there all the more important.

 Click here to find out how to easily purchase your stamp.

  CONNECTICUT and the Appalachian Trail, here we come!
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Kathie Brown said...

Oh my, will you be travelling through Massachusetts? I am here now and would love to see you if possible! Enjoy CT, it is my home state. I will be in Upstate NY next week with my mom though. Have fun! I look forward to photos and stories!

Oh, and thanks for the info on the Duck Stamps. I have never bought one but might just do it this year thanks to all the info you provided. I like it that the money goes to buying land for the birds and other wildlife!

Dawn Fine said...

You must still be on the trail its the 28th ...Hope you had a great hike and camping trip..

Larry said...

I live in Connecticut so will be curious as to what you think of that section of trail.