Monday, June 6, 2011

Camp birds

Birdcouple was out hiking on the Appalachian Trail on Memorial Day weekend with youngest son Adam and his girlfriend Katherine. We heard (more than saw) some really nice birds - a drumming Ruffed Grouse, a hooting Barred Owl, trilling Veerys and Wood Thrushes, not to mention singing Cerulean Warblers, Ovenbirds and Redstarts. A very noisy woods it was!

Eastern Phoebes are nowhere to be heard in the woods, but we often find that when we arrive at one of the small wooden shelters set in the forest along the trail, a Phoebe family is not far away, using the eaves as a place to nest. Wonder where Phoebes nested before humans came along to build them bridges and roofs to use?

These Phoebe babies (say that five times fast!) were nestled under the corner of the Priest Shelter (elevation 4,000 feet) in Virginia, close by a stream over which mom and dad were no doubt catching insects for their breakfast. Princess will soon write about our hiking adventures over on our AT Blog.

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