Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still here!

    Wow, what a relief that whole "Rapture" thing didn't work out. Must have been a minor miscalculation. Birdocuple's grateful, though. We LIKE the world. We want to conserve it, and preserve it, and explore it a whole lot more.

   Mostly, preserve what's left of it - like this beautiful Dickcissel, singing for all he's worth from a telephone wire on a beautiful late May afternoon over on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Now what's wrong with that? Seemed pretty rapturous to us!

  Here he is again:

   Handsome fellow, yes?

      As Birdcouple's regular visitors will know by now, Warren - with Lisa's full indulgence - is doing a mini "Big Year" in Maryland, trying to see 280 species in the state this year. So far, the number is 236. (Thanks, Mr. Dickcissel, for showing up today). It's a lot of fun, very educational and just a bit zany.

     We've seen a lot of beautiful sights this spring that thankfully (man-made hazards and wacky end-of-time predictions notwithstanding) are still with us:

  Lesser Yellowlegs...


   Tree Swallow. Yup, we're still here....

  Thanks for being here, Princess!


FAB said...

I only ever got a hazzy view of a Dickcissel many years ago so nice to see one up close. Good to see the Maryland list rising.
Best wishes to the loving couple.

Kathie Brown said...

So glad you are still there! I am still here also and have been equally busy with birds and things! I hope your hubby reaches his goal. It looks like he will! I would love to see a Dickcissel myself!

Larry said...

I forgot about the whole end of the world prediction last week.I meant to set my alarm clock early so I could get more things done just in case. Nice set of photos-especially the Dickcisel which I've only heard fly over and never seen. Good luck on your list.I imagine it will get more difficult when you move into the final stretch.-Maybe the Big year Movie will come out to inspire you for the final push.