Friday, May 13, 2011

Splish Splash!

All candid photos taken by Wingscapes BirdCam
My new appreciation for Robins...

Here, BirdCam captures talented and very Cute Husband contemplating life without peanut butter. 
That is a horrible thought! 
Especially for a Friday.!
I'm sure he is listening for a Common Nighthawk flyover...
Squirrels are rather cute when they are not feasting on bird seed.
Eastern Phoebes have returned to the LoveNest!
Yes, you do clean up well...

It looks like this Mourning Dove was aware of the secret camera filming his every move.
Or perhaps, Mourning Doves have those weird picture eyes that seem to follow you around the room?

Someone may need a towel...
Cardinals are way too dignified for such behavior.
This is certainly not the best photo of a Blue Jay, but check out Mr. Piggy lounging on the back of the terrace furniture...

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