Friday, May 20, 2011

Looking for Higher Ground...

No, this post is not about the Rapture.  Although, I really wish I had known about this end of the world business happening tomorrow.  I really would have bought myself a pair of Leica Bins months ago, with all the money I would have saved from not paying my parking tickets.

This post is about some baby Ospreys that were saved from becoming alligator when the flood waters in Cow Island Louisiana rose almost to the height of their nest.   You can read the rest here.

This is my favorite bit of the story:

Swamp dwellers — deer, raccoons and alligators among them — also are trying to stay dry.
A herd of deer and a bear were seen going under a U.S. Highway 190 bridge south of the Morganza spillway. Increased wildlife traffic prompted the cutting of the speed limit from 60 to 45 mph on Wednesday.
Cute Husband and I will celebrate the potential last weekend by leading a bird walk at Anne Arundel Dairy Farm on Saturday morning.   
Come join us!

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