Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birds enjoying Bee Stuff....

BirdChick has some interesting pictures of warbers eating honey, old bee larvae and perhaps bee's wax from old bee hive frame. 

I have no idea if honey is bad for birds, but honey is quite a miracle substance, with daily users claiming numerous health and beauty benefits.   So hopefully, the honey snack will help the warblers on their journey North and make them even more beautiful for mating season.

Speaking of bees, I lost all three of the LoveNest hives last winter.  I realize that bees are just annoying insects to most people, but I ADORE my bees.  I watch them all spring, summer and fall (sometimes I speak encouraging words to them).  I watch them foraging in the garden.  I await warm days in winter, in hopes of seeing a few venture out. 

So... when I lose a hive, it is quite devastating.

Four weeks ago, I hived Artemis II, Athena II and Aphrodite I.  About 3 weeks after hiving, I came home from work and noticed some of Aphrodite's bees (my only Italian queen), attacking something on the landing board. 

After further inspection, I saw that they were balling the queen!  Biting her, pulling at her wings and legs and not allowing her back in the hive.  When she was too weak to move, they left her alone and I carried her away from the hive.  I can only guess that they initially accepted her and then, perhaps, because she was infertile, they dethroned her. 

I found a new queen, although she is Russian and not far, so good.  I'll know in another week or so, if she is laying. 

Artemis II and Athena II have laying queens and I predict Artemis will be our strongest hive. 

I also predict that BirdCouple will see a Golden-winged Warbler this weekend.


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Louis and Vencka said...

We love your bees too, we hope you have a strong hive this year.

L & V