Friday, April 15, 2011

We wish we could go...

Leelanau Peninsula BirdFest!  June 1-5!

OH, I wish BirdCouple could watch this treasure with the folks at the BirdFest!
This festival offers a wide variety of unique field trips, including:
  •  Birding by Tallship (I love birding by any ship)
  • An entire afternoon with nesting endangered Great Lakes Piping Plovers (cute little guys)
  • A visit to a 300 acre native prairie installation, where Northern Harriers nest (prairies are awesome)
  • Trips by pontoon boats to the Leelanau Conservancy’s Cedar RiverPreserve (I love birding by boat) 
  • Noted author and speaker Paul Baicich is our Keynote speaker (I adore Paul!) 
Best of all ...the theme of the BirdFest is conservation…every field trip site, seminar and keynote program reflects that theme!

We wish we could go, but, Cute Husband is starting a new gig in two weeks (today is his last day at McClatchy Newspapers....bittersweet day for my guy).  

So, we are going to be local birders for a while until he gets adjusted to his new job at Reuters as an editor (exciting!).  

But, please join Paul (I adore Paul!) and our buddy, Kay Charter of Saving Birds Thru Habitat   at BirdFest and feel free to torture us with stories of how great it was! 


Dawn Fine said...

Congrats to hubby on his new job..Hope he likes it. That sounds like a very cool festival.

Dave said...

Yea! New jobs are always fun.
Maybe he'll have to take a "sick" day in May...just an idea...