Monday, March 14, 2011

Winter Birding... what I won't miss...


I would much rather endure 110+degree weather than 30-degree weather.  I am a cold weather wuss!  I am always the first to return to the car and crank up the heat and wait until Cute Husband waves me back outside because he has found something good in the scope.  Which reminds me of something else I won't miss about winter birding...

Dragging around the scope!

Our scope is not standard spring bird gear.  Warblers are often closer than ducks on a body of water and ducks stand still better for scoping.   In fact, when Cute Husband asked me to get the scope out of the back of the car this weekend, I am ashamed to say I gave him a bit of the side eye...
Stupid awkward scope that likes to bite into the side of my neck while I tote it about.

Layers upon layers of clothing!

Yes, completely related to Freezing! and caused by Freezing!, yet different.   This relates to the winter birding nuisance of dressing to get out of the car and undressing once entering the warmth of the car.  Actually, only Cute Husband does this, I stay completely layered throughout the entire birding adventure, as my perfect temperature is 80 degrees.

Enough complaining. 

What I will miss about winter birding....

Sleeping in!

Ducks tend to hang out long past sunrise and passerines tend to remain active through much of the day (probably because they are Freezing!), which generally allows for a leisurely wake up.  Not in the spring- the early birder gets the bird- daybreak is best for warblers and peeks at other migrants. 

Juncos, White-throated Sparrows, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and especially Canvasbacks!

                         Hooray! It is going to be above Freezing! every day this week in Annapolis!

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