Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Rarities...

Cute Husband and I found ourselves without electricity last Friday at 3PM until sometime Saturday afternoon.  We built a raging fire and slept under loads of blankets and woke to a 42 degree house.  

But, the car had heat!
Warren captured this Northern Shrike which we had missed earlier in January to add to our big January total.

Pine Siskins continued at our home feeders.  A lovely thistle mix from the Wild Bird Center has been our ticket to finally attracting Pine Siskins to the yard. 

Oh, and of course, the raccoons like it too!

Sunday morning (only 2 days left of January!) called for a 5AM wake up to visit this lovely fellow in St. Mary's County.  This guy should be in Mexico this time of year, not in Maryland, so the early wake up was worth it.

Plus, the Yellow-headed Blackbird selected one of the sweetest people in the birding world to visit. 

Thank you, Patricia, for letting us invade your kitchen, look through your amazing photography and sit in comfy warmth waiting for our 116th bird of 2011! 


Dave said...

We're STILL trying to find a Yellow-headed Blackbird here...maybe this will be the year!
Stay warm!

Kathie Brown said...

Wow, how strange to see the yellow-headed blackbird! How awesome to see the shrike! So sorry you were without power but so glad you at least had a fire! Hope this week is warmer and drier for you. But I think there is another storm coming...