Monday, November 15, 2010

Say I'm a Bird...

So, as most readers of BirdCouple know, Cute Husband and I far from hip, cool or current on anything pop culture.

We don't watch television and rarely go to the movies, although we do watch occasional movies through Netflix.  Which makes us completely clueless when it comes to current contestants on Dancing with the Stars and story lines to How I Met Your Mother, much less who is starring in what.  

I also like to blame the fact that I rarely clean the house on our lack of television viewing, as I simply am not aware of the latest cleaning solutions that are available and widely advertised on TV.

With Cute Husband reporting from miles away and me pining for him from miles away, it probably was not the best idea to watch (3 times so far!) The Notebook without him.  Now, I realize this movie is something like 6 years old, but referring back to our lack of hip-ness, it was completely new to me.

The movie has nothing to do with birds, although there appears to be some bird symbolism throughout.  And, if you care to,  you can may try to ID birds in certain scenes.   I think the gulls in my favorite scene are Ring Billed...

Anyway, as I'm sure you are completely aware, there is a scene where Rachel McAdams' character asks Ryan Gosling's character to "Say I'm a Bird".  He indulges and she then asks him to say he is a bird. 

And, he responds, exactly as I know Cute Husband would respond  (after I cajole him into watching the movie 4 more times with me)...

"If you are a bird I am a bird...."

I miss you, Warren P. Strobel.

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Kathie Brown said...

Love that movie! I blame my lack of house cleaning on prefering to be outside birding! Hope your cute hubby comes home to you safely and soon! If you are looking for another good movie try Cross Creek. It's old but one of my favorites.