Monday, November 15, 2010

Miss you back, Princess!

Oh, I do! Those are waterfalls behind me, hint hint. 

This is at a famous lake in central Afghanistan called Band-e-Amir.   To quote from the Wikipedia entry (now a bit dated, since the road is being paved):  "The problems facing the visitors are harsh terrain, rocky plateau, lack of basic facilities and mined unpaved roads. The surrounding roads were heavily mined by the local militias and the Taliban during their respective reigns. Only a thin track is clear from mines and is in use by traffic."

Miss you darling.

PS - About these public love letters. ... Others read this blog, you know.... :)


Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Yes, Darling... but at least I mentioned birds in my post. BTW, you look very handsome.

Kathie Brown said...

You have been to Afghanistan? My son is there fighting right now! I did not know anyone went there for fun. Sure am glad you 2 are so in love! BTW, any Dippers in that waterfall?

Patty said...

I checked out Wikipedia's article about about Band-e Amir... looks like an awesome place! Did you have a chance to visit the Buddhas of Bamiyan (now sadly destroyed)?

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

Patty - I did visit the site of the former Buddhas of Bamiyan. Very sad. Am writing a small article about them which should be on our website ( wed or thursday.

All the best!